Hacking a full branding and ad campaign from concept to production in 72 hours (and what I learned about the creative process)

Kurt Pennypecker is Director of Experience Design at Hunt, Gather.

Last weekend I joined the team at Good Measure, a pop-up agency that launches branding and advertising campaigns for local non-profits — all in one 72-hour weekend, all for free. I was one of more than 85 volunteers from the Austin advertising world that included brand and product designers, copywriters, strategists, videographers, editors, and developers. The assignment was to raise awareness among Texas teachers and drive schools to register for Classroom Champions, an organization that pairs athletes with kids K-8 to act as mentors.

Our goal was simple: to make great work that stirs the heart and creates an immediate, and lasting, impact.

The jam-packed weekend was energizing and fun, and I walked away with a few thoughts about what made it such a gratifying experience.

Watch others work

I worked side by side with super talented creatives from all over ATX. Watching them build their work and seeing what tools they used got me thinking differently about my own process and there are some new tricks I can’t wait to try.

Get out of your comfort zone

Doing an entire campaign in 72 hours means working fast, which shook up how I normally concept and work. Some of my assignments were a little outside my wheelhouse, but I embraced the chaos and found my stride.

Feel your value

At a Good Measure event, the client is on-site and everyone gets to be part of the pitch, which means people who may not always get to be in the big meeting are able to hear the feedback and witness the appreciation firsthand. As we neared each project milestone, everyone was high-fiving each other. It was the best kind of high.

Thrive on energy (not energy drinks)

Alex and the Good Measure crew have such great energy and it’s infectious. (You have to if you’re going to wrangle a huge team and motivate them all weekend long, especially when it gets late.) Their enthusiasm was addictive and it stayed with me after the weekend ended.

Do good for goodness’ sake

Above all, I left knowing that I contributed to a cause with a valuable mission, not for glory or a paycheck, but for the greater good. I helped others. I paid it forward. I did good, I felt good — and that’s great.

By the end of the weekend, we produced an entire campaign for Classroom Champions, including brand and media strategies, a promo video, a website, full logo branding, letterhead, banner ads, posters, a mural, icons, social media assets, and swag. It’s all set to launch in early 2020 just in time for SXSW.

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